Swim Spas

Swim Spas – Water Fitness and Relaxation Combined

Swim spas offer you the benefits of water-based exercise and hydrotherapy in a compact space.

If you love swimming but lack the space or the budget for a full-size pool, the Swim Spa is for you.

Exercise, Family Fun, and Relaxation in One Package

How the Swim Spa Works

The Swim Spa is a one-piece miniature pool, made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic. It produces a resistant current that can be set to varying strengths, depending on the fitness level of the person using the pool.

It also includes an Aquacord swim-in-place harness for swimming or to provide resistance during exercise. Some models offer a treadmill for even more exercise options. For swimming, water aerobics, jogging or even walking, you can use the Swim Spa.

In addition to ample space for exercise, the SwimSpa includes contoured seats with eight hydrotherapy jets.

You really can enjoy the best of both worlds – the ultimate in water-based fitness and relaxation. And with its small size, the Swim Spa is easier to maintain and more affordable than a traditional pool. It also offers more versatility – it can be installed indoors or out, in-ground, above-ground or halfway in between.

Enjoy the Benefits of Exercising in Water

Water-based exercise offers tremendous benefits over land-based exercise: Water supports your body, making it possible to do movements that you may not otherwise be able to do; with water’s buoyancy, there is less impact on your joints; the resistance of the water offers a gentle but more intensive workout; the massaging effect of the water can help you release more stress and tension as you exercise; water exercise suits the needs of people of all ages and all fitness levels.

To learn more about the many ways the SwimSpa can help you improve your fitness and reduce stress, contact us.

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