Speciality Products

Specialty Products

We sell a variety of specialty products such as:

Solution 48 Kit clears your green pool in just 48 hours! This kit clears coloured water problems, filters out unwanted inorganic/organic particles and increases filtration capabilities of micro size particles

Simplicity Kit provides stress free summer pool maintenance that only takes a few minutes once per week for clear, algae free pool water! All the products you need for 12 weeks of pool maintenance.

Metaban is for stain and mineral control. It is a granular product designed primarily for manganese, iron, copper staining and water discoloration.

Stain Prevent is a mixture of water conditioners which makes pools minerals and metals inactive. Eliminates and prevents tartar build up on the inner surfaces of the pool without affecting the pH of water.

Klear Sok is a fast action clarifier for cloudy and white water problems in in ground and above ground pools. It improves filtration capacity resulting in crystal clear water every time.

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