Salt Water Speciality Products

Salt Pool Specialty Products

We carry a variety of specialty products for your salt pool such as:

Salt Shock helps to remove dead chlorine from your swimming pool water. Helps to keep water healthy and crystal clear.

Salt Revise is designed to support your salt generator. Its innovative formula will improve bather comfort, protect cells and delay corrosion when used in conjunction with the Salt One bucket. This specialized pool product combined with salt generator enhances efficiency and water quality.

Salt One Bucket is used as part of a proper salt water pool maintenance system. Use Salt One in the spring before adding your Salt and Balancing chemicals.

Salt Cell Saver is formulated for cleaning salt chlorine generator cell without causing any harm to the cell plates. Salt Cell Saver is used by a soaking process and will restore conductivity and efficiency by eliminating scale build up. Use with Hayward’s Salt Cell Stand for easy and safe cleaning.

Cell Stand is used to safely clean your Hayward salt Cell. Simply screw in your salt cell and add your salt cell cleaner. Won’t tip over or leak.

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