On Ground Pool

The IPG On Ground Pool

The IPG on-ground system is an excellent solution for the home owner who wishes to have the quality of an In-ground swimming pool system with out the extensive construction burden.


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IPG on-ground system is a perfect solution to sloped backyards. It is versatile enough to be buried from half-way, to all the way into the ground.

Built-to-last, the IPG on-ground system is constructed using 14 Gauge, commercial quality (ASTM A526) continuous hot dipped Z700 galvanized steel, the best in the industry.

Galvanize is the term used for the application of Zinc to carbon steel.

Galvanizing is an effective corrosion protective method for two main technical reasons:

Because the triumph is constructed using this superior material, you can rest assured that the IPG on-ground system has the most durable panel on the market today.


With a variety of different sizes, you are sure to find an IPG on-ground system uniquely special for your backyard

Round Pool Dimensions: 12 feet, 15 feet, 18 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, 27 feet, and 30 feet

Oval Pool Dimensions: 12ft x 24ft, 15ft x 30ft, 18ft x 33ft

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