Maintenance Products

We offer a variety of products to make your spa maintenance fast and easy!

Submersible Pumps

Tough thermoplastic construction and sleek design allows pump to fit in a small opening. Features a clog resistant impeller. Make draining your spa fast and easy!


Pump Marvel

Pump Marvel works on the Venturi effect using pressure from a garden hose rather than electricity to pump water. While not intended to outperform the speed of electric submersible pumps, Pump Marvel is great in situations where you can’t use electricity (Pump Marvel recently saved one person’s basement from flooding when the power was out and the sump pump wasn’t running), or in areas where, for safety reasons, you prefer not to mix water and electricity. For every gallon of fresh water that enters, Pump Marvel will suck up as much as 3 additional gallons from the vessel being drained, and eject 4 gallons out of the discharge hose.


Quick Drain

Make draining your spa fast and easy! Drain 5 times faster with QUICKDRAIN®. Easy, fast and safe to use. Drain a 5-6 person hot tub in 30-45 minutes! Works without pumps or motors, no electricity required


Polaris Spa Wand

This hand powered hot tub vacuum made by Polaris is perfect for touch up cleaning hot tubs. The hand powered action is easy to use and effective in removing small particles such as sand and debris from the foot-well or seats. Its tapered nozzle maximizes the suction power to easily vacuum up small debris. An easy to use filtration basket can be removed for emptying and replacement.


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