PharmaSpa’s Therapeutic Spa Fragrances

PharmaSpa’s therapeutic spa fragrances make bathing healthier.  One factor often overlooked by spa owners is that whatever they add to the water ends up seeping into their skin through osmosis. A hot tub’s water can only be made safe through the addition of chemicals that keep it free from harmful microbes, but the downside is that bathers wind up smelling like chlorine. Our PharmaSpa Original line contains medicinal extracts, while our PharmaSpa Nature line is based on much softer, natural fragrances. All our products are manufactured with the finest ingredients. They’re made with natural dried extracts, which have some great health benefits.

PharmaSpa’s calming fragrances provide the ultimate therapeutic spa experience in a healthy aquatic environment. Surely that’s what a dip in the tub should be all about!

Spa InSPArations

Spa InSPArations have a unique aromatherapy blends are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing “Aromatherapy Experience.” inSPAration’s large variety of fragrances and fragrance blends create that ultimate spa experience while at the same time leaving your skin soft and moisturized.



Dream Scents is specially formulated for aromatherapy applications and is designed to enhance your hot tub or spa experience. Dream Scents is enriched with emollients and skin softeners that will not affect your hot tub or spa ph level. It’s specifically formulated to mask chemical odors, while leaving you feeling soft and moisturized. Safe for all surfaces and will not harm plumbing or equipment. This product will not foam or leave unwanted oily residue.

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