Filter & Filter Accessories

We carry a wide variety of filters that fit many brands of hot tubs!

Ask us if we carry the filter for your hot tub! If we don’t we will do our best to find one for you!

We also carry a variety of Filter accessories such as:

Filter Flosser

The curved nozzle design provides an extended cleaning area (more than double of the other cleaners) helping you to clean 50% faster & using 50% less water and it also virtually eliminates back-splash. The high pressure water and air agitation to reaches deep down between pleats for more thorough cleaning and removes all of the built-up dirt that shortens the life of your filter cartridges.

Water Wand

Multiple pleat separators and fan nozzles for faster cleaning, spray back guard, rubberized hand grip for comfort, on/off control, “threaded” or “quick connect” garden hose attachment options, rugged polymer construction.


Filter Canister

The Hydropool Filter Cleaning Canister makes cleaning replacement filter cartridges a breeze. Simply soak the filter in a cleaning solution in the canister. It’s so easy!


Filter Saver

Filter Saver skimmer socks fit all skimmer baskets. An elastic band holds them tight on the edge to catch small debris that would otherwise contribute to clogging up a pump or filter. Great for pine needles, pollen, small insects and the fine spring debris from flowering trees and shrubs

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